Add quantity to budget planning

Marcela Coutinho

It would be great to be able to multiply some lines. For instance, on the revenue page, it would be grat if we could quantify how many clients we have that pay us a monthly fee, instead of just being able to input the total amount


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Christian Thiesen

Status changed to: Planned


Erwin Verstegen

Would be really helpful for me too. I think a (easy to use) kpi or metric-based forecasting method is a breakthrough for cuttles. startups have KPI's or OMTM's that is leading their businesses.
For a ecommerce company we can forecast orders, orderlines, AOV, marketing costs %, gross margin, headcount, logistic costs per order, etc. from that kind of metric, we can calculate a main financial planning. all forecasting lines must be calculated based on a metric. some cost of software is related to revenue or ordercount, some are based on number of users/etc.